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Welcome, fren!

A 'fren' is a 'friend' who looks out for you; someone who has your back. One of your frens thought that you would benefit from an Opolis membership. 

Opolis is a 'community of communities' where independent workers of all types and industries have come together to support their chosen lifestyle.

Opolis provides the tools, resources, and support so that you can choose the adventure that suits your unique life's goals.
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Join Opolis & Protect Your Independence

Employment.  Payroll.  Benefits.  Rewards.  Ownership. 
Exclusively for Independent Workers.
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Membership Benefits

We've changed the paradigm of work.

Instead of extracting value from workers, Opolis multiplies it on behalf of our Members.

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Automate Personalized Payroll

The Member-Owned Opolis Employment Commons serves as your Employer of Record (EoR). You receive consistent periodic payroll, pay stubs, all related compliance services, choice of currency, and a W2. Yes, as a freelancer!

Access Affordable, Quality Healthcare

Opolis leverages the size of our community to offer national-quality, affordable group healthcare insurance. Many of our Members save 20-50% on insurance premiums as compared to the state exchanges.

Earn Next-Gen Rewards

As a Member-Owner of the Opolis Employment Commons, Members earn $WORK Rewards and share in profits for utilizing member services like running payroll and referring friends.

Endless Value...

Opolis provides HSA, FSA & retirement options to assist Members plan for their financial futures. Dental, Vision, & Life Insurance. Long-term/Short-term disability coverage & more!

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