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It's true. Many of our Members join Opolis because they want Employee Benefits: health insurance, HSA/FSA accounts, retirement plans, and more. Opolis has the independent worker covered!

Because Opolis serves as Employer of Record for a large population of Employee Members, we're able to use our size for group purchasing power. Not only does Opolis unlock access to affordable group health care insurance, but Members can select several other benefits.

Save on Monthly Premiums

Many Employee Members save as much as 20-50% on their monthly premiums as compared to the state health exchanges.

Experience High-Quality Healthcare

Members access premium national provider networks, and because options are PPO (Preferred Provider) plans, Members have a larger selection of providers from which to choose. No referrals required. Dive into our medical, dental, and vision insurance options in our 2024 Employee Member Benefits guide.

Plan for Surprise Medical Expenses

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) help Opolis members to plan for unforeseen medical expenses. Plans operate on a tax-advantaged basis by using pretax money held in a special account to pay for qualified medical costs.  Check out this infographic to see the advantages and disadvantages of HSAs and FSAs.

Save for the Future

Independent workers often don't have great retirement options or know how to start putting aside money for the future. Opolis Employee Members have access to a variety of employer-managed 401k investment options. For those contributing to a Solo 401K plan or Self-Directed IRA, we can facilitate withholding and make contributions on your behalf. To learn more about our retirement plans, book a call with our Membership Stewards or check out the Membership FAQs here

Did you know?!

State exchanges typically use age bands to determine how much you pay. This means the older you get, the higher premium you pay! Opolis is age-agnostic and does not upcharge for premiums based on your age, or screen for pre-existing conditions.

Check out our video on benefits for independent workers.

2024 Member Benefits Guide

We understand the importance of a well-rounded benefits package and offer a wide range of comprehensive and affordable plans to help protect you and your family.