Earn WORK Rewards

All Opolis Members share a common purpose: a sustainable Member-owned digital employment cooperative that provides employment, payroll, compliance, and shared-services for the independent worker. 

In this model, Members are rewarded with WORK (a digital rewards token) for engaging in activities that are valuable to the community. The more the community grows as a whole, the more each participating Member earns for their individual contributions. 

This model allows Members to not only share in profits based on their level of patronage, it allows them participation in decision making which influences the future of Opolis.

Members earn WORK Rewards for every 10% in payroll volume growth the community experiences. Members can receive rewards in several ways:

Employee Membership

Processing payroll, employment benefits, and shared services on a consistent, periodic basis.

Member Referrals

Opolis' growth depends on the community building itself so we reward Members who refer others. We make it easy to refer a friend with Frens Farming.

 'Staking' WORK

Staking* is like a savings account. You deposit your WORK and receive more WORK as the community grows!

*Staking is the process of holding WORK tokens in a digital wallet and locking them in a 'smart contract" on a blockchain network

Did you know?!

With WORK rewards, only those who are formally Members of the Opolis Employment Commons will receive profit distributions/dividends should they become available!

Ready to dig into the details of WORK Rewards? 

Download and nerd-out with the WORK Rewards Tokenomics Paper 

Visit here for WORK Rewards technical & support information