Full-Stack Developer / Dev Ops

About Opolis

The future of work is moving back to the freelancers or “Solopreneur” and the current infrastructure of corporate-based employment does not support this truth. As a next-generation employment ecosystem, the Opolis Employment Commons is a cooperative where freelancers, creatives, consultants and gig workers can come together to access payroll, benefits, & shared services which make work life a lot more manageable. Read more at Opolis.co.

As part of a “Communities Funding Communities” campaign, Opolis completed a capital raise of nearly $6M in the Spring of 2021 from strategic partners, DeFi projects, prominent DAOs and high net worth individuals from the blockchain & HR Tech spaces. 


Opolis, a Digital Employment Cooperative, looking to enhance our core technology team with a full-time Fullstack Developer. We are looking for a proven fullstack developer who prefers to build clean, efficient, intuitive APIs, data models, and comfort with containerization and devops systems. Excellent communication skills and team-player approach are also a key to success at our stage. 

We’re looking for someone who has deep experience programming complex applications and a strong familiarity with Python, Django, GraphQL and/or Node. We’re also looking for someone who brings experience building and setting up microservices using Kubernetes. Your primary objective will be working on the redevelopment of our back-end API and supporting the team by contributing to devops and technical infrastructure. We are also looking for someone excited and motivated to learn about Web3 and the Future of Work. This is an opportunity to flex your API development skills, get experience with Web3, and dive deep into the worlds of crypto and blockchain on a real-world platform with real users.

Major Tasks

  • Work with our Product and Technology Steward, Head of Engineering, Lead Architect and Front-End Lead to ship high quality code with an aim towards building an open-API for the future of employment.
  • Help migrate our Python/Django monolithic application to a series of microservices with React.js front-ends and Python or Go back-ends by building GraphQL APIs to connect the two. 
  • Extend and improve the efficiency and security of our application infrastructure by assisting with the setup of popular cloud-server tools / services.
  • Contribute to thorough documentation. 
  • Perform frequent code reviews
  • Write clean code and thorough tests, and encourage testing culture
  • Debug and troubleshoot issues.

Technical Requirements

  • 3+ years building back-ends or APIs for complex web applications.
  • 1+ years of devops and Kubernetes experience.
  • Strong Python development experience.
  • Experience building GraphQL APIs 
  • Familiarity with Django web applications. 
  • Experience with cloud-based infrastructure tools like AWS.
  • Strong familiarity with popular CI and deployment tools. 

Non-Technical Role Requirements

  • Demonstrated experience working in small to medium development teams.
  • Passion for the “future of work.”
  • Self-motivated and comfortable working with remote-first teams.
  • Commitment to the Web3 ethos.
  • Willing to travel to sunny Denver, CO at least quarterly (post COVID-19).

Bonus Skills

Not required, but awesome if you do!

  • Passionate about DAOs & innovative complex organizing systems.
  • Experience with coding Solidity or Vyper.
  • Experience with Go

Languages & Platforms

  • Python & Django
  • Javascript
  • GraphQL
  • Postgres 
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes