Full-Stack Developer (Back-end)

About Opolis

The future of work is moving back to the freelancers or “Solopreneur” and the current infrastructure of corporate-based employment does not support this truth. As a next-generation employment ecosystem, the Opolis Employment Commons is a cooperative where freelancers, creatives, consultants and gig workers can come together to access payroll, benefits, & shared services which make work life a lot more manageable. Read more at Opolis.co.

As part of a “Communities Funding Communities” campaign, Opolis completed a capital raise of nearly $6M in the Spring of 2021 from strategic partners, DeFi projects, prominent DAOs and high net worth individuals from the blockchain & HR Tech spaces. 


Opolis, a Digital Employment Cooperative, looking to enhance our core technology team with a Sr. Full-Stack Developer (back-end). We are looking for a proven full-stack developer who prefers to build clean, efficient, intuitive APIs, data models, and comfort with containerization and devops and CI / CD systems. Excellent communication skills and team-player approach are also a key to success at our stage. 

We’re looking for someone who has deep experience programming complex applications and a strong familiarity with Golang, Python, GraphQL and some experience with modern front-end frameworks like React / Typescripts or Vue. We’re also looking for someone who brings experience building new features with a microservices architecture using Kubernetes and Docker. This is an opportunity to flex your full-stack development skills, further build your experience in Web3, and dive deep into the future of work on a real-world platform with real users.

Major Tasks

  • Work with our Product and Technology Steward, Lead Architect and Front-End Lead to ship high quality back-end code and build new features.
  • Migrate pieces of our Python/Django monolithic application to a series of microservices with React.js front-ends and Golang or Python server applications with GraphQL APIs to connect the two.
  • Write documentation with respect to the APIs and applications they build. 
  • Perform frequent code reviews.
  • Mentor and help train more junior developers. 
  • Occasionally contribute to front-end development. 
  • Debug and troubleshoot issues.

Technical Requirement

  • 5-7+ years full-stack experience building complex back-end applications.
  • Prior experience developing with Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Strong Go and/or Python development experience.
  • Experience building GraphQL APIs. 
  • Experience with cloud-based infrastructure tools like AWS or Firebase.
  • Strong familiarity with popular CI and deployment tools.

Non-Technical Role Requirements

  • Demonstrated experience working in small to medium development teams.
  • Passion for the “future of work.”
  • Self-motivated and comfortable working with remote-first teams.
  • Commitment to the Web3 ethos.
  • Willing to travel to sunny Denver, CO at least quarterly (post COVID-19).

Bonus Skills

Not required, but awesome if you do!

  • Passionate about DAOs & innovative complex organizing systems.
  • Experience with coding Solidity or Vyper.
  • Familiarity with Web3.js / Ethers.js or other Web3 frameworks.

Languages & Platforms

  • Go
  • Python & Django
  • Javascript
  • GraphQL
  • Postgres 
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Kubernetes