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The War for Talent is Real.

Organizations need great people. HR management systems, and specifically the talent acquisition (a.k.a. recruiting & staffing) industry, are finally being innovated after 40+ years of managing the “status quo”. Opolis is the only comprehensive ecosystem that was built purely to bring positive change to the way that employers find great talent and people find great opportunities.

  • Broken
  • Fractured Landscape
  • Massive Opportunity

The recruiting industry is broken.

Currently, an employer with an open job has multiple recruiters to manage. Each of those recruiters only has a limited reach to candidates, meaning that the best candidate isn’t accessed. Bad for all parties.

A new collaborative, split-agency model.

Opolis employer agents coordinate with multiple Opolis candidate agents to make the best hire. Candidates and employers choose an agent to represent them. Therefore, interests are aligned, and the best outcomes are achieved.

Changing the Industry.

A better way.

Opolis serves an increasing number of the 30,000 small staffing & recruiting firms. These firms have more than 150,000 recruiters who realize they don’t need to work for a traditional mega-firm to achieve success. Why have so many people made this decision? Because there’s no alignment between the recruiters and the outcomes they produce at those mega-firms.

We’re not ignoring those mega-firms though. Opolis is also directly targeting the 1 million recruiters stuck working for the “titans” of the industry. When you can run your own business, built on the Opolis platform, and drive your growth via our two-sided Opolis marketplace, joining the Opolis network seems like a no-brainer. Over 100 recruiters have already joined, and we’re just getting started.

Opolis is changing the industry
  • Placement* 13.4
  • Staffing/Contractors* 108.5
*in Billions

The third-party recruiting & staffing market in the US is $130B and growing. Yet the total US payroll is $13T.

Why is there such low penetration? We believe that a lack of trust and misaligned incentives are the reason.

Opolis is delivering innovations to the industry that foster trust and aligned incentives. As agents curate our marketplace, connecting employers and candidates with “everyone wins” outcomes, industry efficiency increases. How much more of the US payroll can third-party recruiting & staffing professionals capture? It’s a big number.

True change requires a full-stack solution


We’ve built a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform with tools for you to specialize your work, and marketing automation to grow your business exponentially.


Our recruiters (Agents) protect the best interests of their Candidates and Employers. They gain exclusive representation through our proprietary technology.


Candidates and Employers interact with Agents within an environment carefully curated by Opolis to ensure quality, consistency, and best outcomes.


We work with many of the best employers in the country, delivering great outcomes time and time again. See a sampling below.

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Our marketplace serves hundreds of employers and thousands of job seekers across the country. Ready to learn more about the benefits of Opolis?

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