Welcome, we’re happy that you’ve decided to join Opolis! 

We’ve provided some additional informational resources to help guide you through the onboarding process. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Membership Success Stewards at [email protected]


Getting Qualified

Check out the Minimum Earnings Requirements for your state. You must run at least this amount through Opolis. Note that the cost of benefits would be added to these figures.

Earning Income in Multiple States

This article covers the tax implications of living and working in different states and why it’s important for compliance reasons.

Payroll Process

This infographic explains the process of payroll through Opolis. It covers how Jen, who works for multiple clients, receives bi-monthly paychecks from Opolis.

Pay Cycles and Invoices at Opolis

This infographic explains pay cycles, your first invoice, and your standard semi-monthly invoice.

Medical Plan Options

This sheet captures, from a high level, the differences between high-deductible health plans and copay plans. For more information on high deductible and copay plans we suggest this great article on choosing health insurance.

Please find our 2023 Opolis Benefits Guide here.