Traditional “services companies” aren’t community-based. Opolis is -- 100%. Our growth and sustainability comes from inside… by us bringing along 'frens' who can also benefit from our Digital Employment Cooperative. 

A 'fren' is a 'friend' who looks out for you; someone who has your back. We know you have frens that would benefit from an Opolis membership, and we've made it even easier to share the cooperative with Frens Farming.

For Each Fren Who Becomes a Member, You Earn:

$100 CASH BONUS when your fren qualifies after a meeting with our Stewards.
$200 CASH BONUS and 1000 BONUS $WORK Rewards after your fren becomes a Member and processes their 2nd paycheck.

How to Start Farming?

  1. 1
    If you're not already an Employee or Coalition Member, join Opolis and unlock personalized payroll, group healthcare and shared services.
  2. 2
    Register with Frens Farming.
  3. 3
    Start earning rewards.