Love Being Self-Employed, but Hate the Stress of Insurance, Taxes & Compliance? 

Be the Expert at Your Thing - Not Everything

Transform Your Self-Employment When You Join Opolis

As a self-employed professional, you LOVE your work and excel at your craft.
However, freelancing often comes with responsibilities that can be overwhelming:

Proving Your Income

No more struggling with complex income verification for loans. As a co-op member, you'll enjoy the freedom of owning your business with the security of having an "Employer of Record."

Finding Health Insurance

Instead of navigating the complex ACA marketplace or overpaying for health insurance, you'll have access to 4 different health plans to choose from that rival those of Fortune 500 companies.

Estimating Quarterly Taxes

Eliminate the stress of submitting quarterly tax estimates and ensure proper compliance, potentially saving thousands each year on self-employment taxes.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

If you have a solution you're happy with, keep it.
If not, take advantage of exclusive vendor relationships to solve administrative headaches. We offer solutions à la carte so you can benefit from the perks that make sense to you.

Imagine focusing on what you love—building your business and growing your client base—without these constant headaches.

How Opolis Helps You Succeed

Affordable Group Health Insurance

Save on Premiums:

Leverage the collective buying power of Opolis members to access top-tier health plans at reduced costs.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Enjoy extensive coverage options including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, rivaling those of Fortune 500 companies.

Hassle-Free Enrollment:

Get covered without the stress of navigating the health insurance market alone.

Simplified Tax and Compliance Solutions

Maximize Your Savings:

Set up an S-Corporation to significantly reduce your self-employment tax burden.

Streamlined Process:

Our experts guide you through every step, from setting up to maintaining compliance.

Peace of Mind:

Handle payroll taxes easily with the support of Opolis, ensuring you stay compliant and save money.

Supportive Community

Never Feel Alone:

Be part of a member owned cooperative that helps protect the freedom and autonomy of the self-employed without the downside of being solo.

Access Expert Advice:

Benefit from the collective knowledge and resources of a network designed to support your journey.

Thrive Together:

Leverage the power of a supportive community to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Real Stories from Real Members

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Discover how Opolis can help you achieve the financial freedom and security you deserve.

No Pressure, No BS Onboarding

Want to learn all the details about an Opolis membership?  We run a weekly live webinar that is designed to give you all the information you need and want in a zero pressure environment.  We always have a good Q&A session at the end of each (approx 45 min) webinar.

During the webinar we will discuss:

The fine print:  How this really works.  What impact will it have on your daily business activity?  How does payroll work?  What about health insurance?  Literally - everything you want to know.  We’ll answer questions you didn’t know to ask and be sure to answer the ones you do ask.

Prefer a Personal Touch? Schedule a Free Consultation Call!

Talk to a member of our Opolis Steward Team and explore how we can tailor our solutions to fit your unique needs.

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How long is the webinar?

37 minutes packed with valuable information. No BS. No fluff. Just the facts you need to make an informed decision.

How much does it cost to join Opolis?

91% of our members invest less than $100 per month for membership, which includes access to a comprehensive suite of tools and services. Learn more about the full range of benefits during our webinar.

Too good to be true - what are you not telling me?

We understand this sounds too good to be true, and it's the top concern we hear. Our transparency sets us apart. As a member-owned cooperative, there are no hidden costs or fine print—just straightforward benefits designed for your success.

My CPA advised me to not be taxed or elect S-Corp designation

While every situation is unique, many CPAs may not be familiar with the benefits of S-Corp designation for freelancers. It's crucial to consult with a tax-planning specialist who understands self-employment tax strategies. We can provide more insights during our webinar.

I am not currently self-employed but want to make the jump. Is Opolis a fit for me right now?

Not yet. Opolis is designed to support those already self-employed by reducing the burdens of running their business. However, once you make the jump, we'll be here to help you thrive.

Can I speak with someone directly at Opolis?

Absolutely! We recommend watching our webinar first, as it covers many common questions and provides valuable insights you might not have considered. Afterward, feel free to book a 1-on-1 call with our team [here](insert link).

What is Opolis?

Opolis is a community-owned cooperative designed to empower self-employed professionals by providing them with comprehensive, corporate-level benefits usually reserved for traditional employees. Founded in 2017, Opolis uses the collective strength of its members to negotiate better rates and offer superior services in areas like health insurance, tax optimization, and legal compliance.

Our Mission

At Opolis, our mission is to transform the landscape of self-employment by ensuring that independent professionals have access to the support, benefits, and security they need to succeed. We believe that working for yourself should not mean compromising on quality of life or financial stability.

Opolis Logo

What Makes Opolis Unique?

Member-Owned Cooperative

Opolis operates on a cooperative model, meaning every member has a stake in the organization. This approach ensures that all benefits and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of self-employed professionals.

Affordable Group Health Insurance

Opolis offers access to group health insurance plans that rival those of Fortune 500 companies. By pooling the buying power of its members, Opolis secures lower premiums and better coverage options than individuals can achieve on their own.

Simplified Tax and Compliance Solutions

Navigating the complexities of taxes and legal compliance can be daunting for self-employed individuals. Opolis simplifies this process with expert guidance and streamlined services, helping members maximize their savings and stay compliant.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

Opolis provides a wide range of benefits, including comprehensive medical insurance, disability, life, dental, and vision and other ancillary insurance. Members can enjoy the same security and peace of mind that traditional employees receive, without sacrificing their independence.

Supportive Community

Being self-employed doesn’t mean being alone. Opolis fosters a supportive community where members can connect, share experiences, and leverage collective knowledge and resources to thrive in their independent careers.