Simplify Loan & Lease Applications with Opolis

Applying for loans or leases as a solopreneur can feel like trying to climb Everest without oxygen— near impossible.

The traditional financial system isn't exactly a self-employed person's best friend. That's why a lot of us end up wrestling with all the fun stuff like irregular income, missing pay stubs, and scarce financial records. But with Opolis, you can receive traditional pay stubs and W-2s  that make loan or lease applications a breeze.

The Challenges of Traditional Loan and Lease Applications

For freelancers and independent workers, getting a loan or lease approved can be a real hassle. Whether you need a mortgage, auto loan, office lease, or to get a business loan, traditional lenders make it tough.

Need to prove you can pay your rent or mortgage on time? Lenders want pay stubs.

Looking to lease a car to keep your business moving? Leasees want proof of steady income with an employee pay stub or W-2 from your employer.

Trying to expand your business with a small business loan? Financial institutions need to see your stability even with a great credit history.

Lenders need proof of steady income, which pay stubs and W-2s easily provide. Showing them a stack of 1099s and bank accounts doesn’t always cut it. Self-employed people often struggle to provide these standard documents.

The result? Many solopreneurs miss out on opportunities simply because they can't show traditional proof of income.

The Opolis Advantage

Enter Opolis, the game-changer for solopreneurs and independent workers. Opolis solves the income verification problem by letting you receive traditional pay stubs each pay cycle. 

We can do this because once you’re a Member, we serve as your official Employer of Record. In other words, we become your service to handle payroll and compliance on behalf of you, the independent worker.

No more trying to convince a skeptical landlord, bank, or credit union that you’re good for the money. With Opolis, you can have regular pay stubs that prove you're as stable as a W-2 employee for any type of loan. And to sweeten the deal, once you’re a Member, you’ll also receive annual W-2s after each tax year. 

Streamlining the Application Process with Opolis

Here’s how you can use Opolis to simplify your loan or lease applications:

  1. Sign Up: Become a member of Opolis.

  2. Payroll Yourself: Use Opolis to pass through your business income as payroll.

  3. Receive Pay Stubs: Each payday you’ll receive a pay stub showing regular wages.

  4. Receive a traditional W-2 form: We provide you with an annual W-2 to share with lenders, like your own golden ticket

  5. Apply with Confidence: Present your Opolis-generated pay stubs and W-2s to lenders or lessors as proof of income.

Opolis provides Members with the documents lenders are most used to seeing and banks most want. On top of boosting your trustworthiness and credibility, these could enable you to qualify for reduced interest rates, decreased loan amounts, and improved loan programs. 

Just imagine handing over clean and professional pay stubs and annual W-2 instead of a messy stack of 1099s and bank statements— game-changing, right?

Real-Life Success Stories

Many in our self-employed community have nailed down loans and leases thanks to Opolis. With our Employer of Record service and Verification of Employment documents, which confirm your employment status and income, proving financial stability and meeting income verification needs is a breeze for our Members.

Join Opolis Today 

Opolis is the ultimate tool for independent workers navigating the tricky terrain of loan and lease applications. With our platform, you can create pay stubs and W-2s that satisfy lenders and lessors, making the process smoother and simpler. Don't let the challenges of self-employment hold you back from your financial goals.

Ready to simplify your financial life? Join Opolis today and get access to our pay stub services and other tools designed just for independent workers.

To get started, visit Opolis Membership or email us at [email protected]

We'll help make your loan or lease applications a breeze!

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