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You are certain to have questions about the complexities of Opolis Membership. Many of the questions you may have in order to simplify your exploration are catalogued here. If you have a question that’s not here, email us at [email protected] and our Membership Stewards will respond to you with an answer within one business day.

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About Opolis & The Employment Commons


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What is the Opolis Employment Commons?

The Employment Commons is a Limited Cooperative Association registered in the State of Colorado. Its purpose is to provide Benefits, Payroll and Shared Services for independent workers like solopreneurs, sole-practitioners, independent contractors, gig workers, digital nomads, freelancers and the like.  

Opolis, Inc. is the elected “Trustee” which provides services (administrative, marketing, technology) to the Commons and its Members. Together we are the Opolis Employment Commons.

I’ve heard some people refer to “The Commons”? Is that something different?

The legal name of the cooperative is The Employment Commons, LCA. “The Commons” is a term we use to refer to this entity and is one in the same.

Who is the target audience for Membership?

Anyone who self-identifies as a freelancer, solopreneur, sole-practitioner, gig worker, independent contractor, digital nomad and the like. We have Members who are real estate agents, therapists, software developers, designers, clergy, teachers, consultants & more. Opolis is neutral to the work you do and provides a toolset that almost everyone needs (and probably already pays too much for!).

What is an Employee Member?

Employee Members are individuals who are co-employed by an entity that they control and the Employment Commons. These Members are consistently paid semi-monthly through the platform. 

Employee Members are also the only voting Members of the Employment Commons. They may earn a louder voice through WORK Rewards as they consume services and as the community grows. 

This class of Member is currently only available to those qualified to work in the United States. On Jan 1, 2023, Opolis is expanding to the Ontario and British Columbia provinces in Canada.

What is a Coalition Member?

A Coalition Member is someone who contributes value to the Opolis Employment Commons in ways other than being an Employee Member, such as:  a referral source, a channel partner, a technology contributor and/or a WORK Rewards staker. They do not hold employment or consume Shared Services from the Commons. They are, however, included as Members in the WORK Rewards program and patronage calculation for potential distribution of profits/dividends should they come available. 

It is important to note that Employee Members can also contribute to the Commons in the above ways.

What geographies are currently open for Membership?

Currently, Employee Membership is limited to individuals who are qualified to work in the United States.  We are expanding to Ontario and British Columbia provinces in Canada on January 1, 2023. Please contact our Membership Stewards with questions about when we plan to open up new territories.

Can I become a Member if I do not live/work in the United States?

Those residing outside of the United States, and those not able to be or interested in being Employee Members, may become Coalition Members.

How does the Opolis Employment Commons make money?

There is a 1% Community Fee which Members pay that is calculated by the total consumption of your services (payroll + benefits). This number will also match the number provided to you on your periodic billing statement from Opolis. There are no subscription fees or other hidden fees to worry about.

This seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

No catch. The next generation of platforms will be owned by its users. We call them “Members”. We’re on the forefront of this movement and believe it is the path to a whole new generation of value creation for people.

Exploring Membership

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Who do I contact if I want to become a Member?

Our Membership Stewards are the best people to speak with. They can answer questions or guide you through the entire process. Whether you want to handle onboarding by yourself, or want someone to walk you through it step-by-step, they’re there to support you.

Do I need to join the Employment Commons limited cooperative association (LCA) to gain access to health care or other benefits?

Yes. In order to realize any employment benefits you must become an Employee Member of the Opolis Employment Commons. All Employee Members must purchase one (1) share of the Opolis Employment Commons’ common stock for $20.

Are there any costs to become a Member?

There are no setup fees or hidden costs when it comes to becoming a Member. The only upfront cost is $20 to purchase one (1) share of the Opolis Employment Commons' common stock.  After becoming a Member the only fee is the 1% community fee on payroll & benefit consumption.

Does it matter which state I live in?

The Opolis Employment Commons is available in 48 states (sorry Arizona & Michigan) and we are working to expand internationally. We are launching services on January 1st, 2023 in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia in Canada.


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What are the key things I need to do in order to become a Member?

  1. Set up an entity (S-Corp or C-Corp) which comes with an EIN (Employer Identification Number). Sole-proprietorships will not work. 
  2. If you already have an entity, make sure you have your formation documents handy, specifically your EIN issuance letter. 
  3. Review the full Opolis Benefits Guide and come to a decision on the benefits elections (healthcare, dental, retirement, etc.) that suit your needs. 
  4. Once you’re ready, you can head directly to our Membership Onboarding Wizard
  5. At any time, you can contact our Membership Stewards who can help you all along the way. 
  6. Set it and forget it. Once you are set up, maintenance is minimal if you don’t change anything.

WORK Rewards

What are WORK Rewards and why should I care about them?

WORK Rewards is a program designed to incentivize individuals to:

  • Become Employee Members and consume services
  • Refer new Employee Members
  • Stake tokens as a sign of support for the Opolis Employment Commons while earning more rewards

WORK Rewards are distributed via an Ethereum-based blockchain token to reward a Member’s Patronage. WORK Rewards have various uses in the community, from staking to enhanced voting power in decision making.

What is ‘Membership Patronage’ and how is it measured?

Cooperatives often use the term Patronage to determine how much of the profits or dividends each of its Members has earned should there be a distribution.

In terms of the Employment Commons, Patronage is calculated as part of the WORK Rewards program for those in the community participating in: 1) Employee Member consumption of Payroll & Employment services. 2) Referral partners who refer consuming Employee Members. 3) Individuals who stake their existing WORK Rewards as a signal of Community Support. 4) Providing technology and services to the Employment Commons. 

It is important to understand that although WORK Rewards may be distributed to all contributors, including those who are non-Members, only those who are formally Members of the Opolis Employment Commons will receive profit distributions/dividends should they become available.

What is ‘Payroll Mining’ and how does it benefit me?

Payroll Mining is the mechanism used to calculate Member Patronage as growth thresholds are reached. Each time a key threshold is surpassed in total payroll volume from the total Members, WORK Rewards are distributed to stakeholders based on various activities that have been performed since the last threshold was reached. The core activities for which tokens are distributed include: payroll consumption, referred Member consumption, staking and technology contribution. 

For complete details, you can read more in our WORK Rewards paper.

Where do I see the amount of WORK Rewards I’ve earned?

When the program launches, you will have a WORK Rewards account setup in your Member dashboard.

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