Benefits, Payroll & Shared Services for the Independent Worker

A Member-Owned Digital Employment Cooperative

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What is Opolis?

Opolis is a next-generation Employment Cooperative offering high-quality, affordable employment benefits and shared services to independent contractors, freelancers, digital nomads, solopreneurs and sole-practitioners.

Experience the freedom and flexibility that comes with being independent, while maintaining the security of a traditional corporate job.

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Bill W.

“With Opolis there’s the sense that what you’re really joining is more of a community, rather than buying just another piece of software.”

Bill W.

Employee Member

“I now have the freedom and flexibility to work how I choose without having to worry about the typical challenges of being independent.”

Spencer G.

Employee Member
John Paller

“Being a member is the best of both worlds. You get the freedom and flexibility your lifestyle requires while having the support system to feel secure about benefits and compliance.”

John P.

Founder & Employee Member
Joshua Lapidus

“Have you seen COBRA health insurance rates? Opolis is an obvious choice for anyone working independently.”

Joshua L.

Employee Member
Katie Commodore

“Opolis opens up a whole new world for people working for themselves.”

Katie C.

Coalition Member

“The quality and affordability of benefits makes me feel like I’m working for a large company, even though I’m still self-employed.”

Katerina J.

Employee Member
Barry G.

“Opolis brings a unique and complete solution to the freelance community that you just can’t get anywhere else.”

Barry G.

Employee Member

Membership Perks

Group Money

Collective Purchasing Power

Save money and time by accessing group employment benefits and services you already need (and probably already pay too much for!).

Get Paid in Crypto

Choice of Currency

In addition to traditional money, opt to receive portions of your paycheck in digital currencies. Now offering Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI, USDC or USDT.


Reduce Administrative Headaches

Ensure compliance and simplify managing your small business in one simple solution.


Portable Employment

Work your way and never lose your benefits. From where, with whom and how much you choose. Your benefits will be with you wherever you are.

Crypto Token Rewards

Tokenized Rewards

Earn Rewards for utilizing Member services and referring friends. Use your tokens to earn enhanced voting power, discounted/add-on services and claim profits.

Stack of Money

Share in the Profits

Every member of the Commons is also an owner. As an owner you are entitled to a percentage of the network profits based on your patronage Rewards.

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Made by Independents for Independents

Opolis is designed to support anyone who views themselves as “self-employed”. This includes independent contractors, gig workers, solopreneurs, sole-practitioners, digital nomads and the like.

Opolis serves Members from many different industries and walks of life. From real estate agents and independent teachers to software developers and creatives to sole-practice dentists and psychotherapists, the platform is designed to be agnostic to what you do for work.

Join the Opolis Team

We are always looking for motivated and hard-working individuals to join our ranks.

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