The Trustless Employment Protocol For The New Way of Work

The Vision

A trustless protocol allowing individuals to have fully portable, democratically chosen employment & benefits through a decentralized employment organization (DEO).

People should have the ability to control their employment


Self-determined, borderless, fully portable employment & benefits
Working for N companies simultaneously, and receiving one check


W2 Employment

Employer decisions, changing health providers, changes to fringe benefits, termination = lose benefits, & long waiting periods.

Outsourced Employment

PEO chosen by employer, benefits chosen by PEO, termination = lose benefits, central point of failure, & lacks transparency.


Administrative headaches, lower quality benefits, complex compliance, no access to 401K, self reporting taxes, & 0 purchasing power.

The Problem

There simply isn’t a way to experience the freedom of being “self-employed” and maintain the benefits of working for a larger organization.

The Solution

Public Utility Connection Market

Alignment of incentives in a low/no cost neutral market. Connecting with work will be frictionless with unlimited reach to opportunity.


Decentralized Employment Organizations give individuals self-determined employment, portable benefits, and democratic decision making.


Sovereign ownership of information. Individuals will have a portable employee file owned and controlled by themselves.


Administrative trustee, efficiency tools, matching AI, prediction markets, and Pay-Per-Use Tech.

The Possibilities

These are just a few of the things that will be possible with DEOs.

Fully Portable Employment

No disruption to employment or benefits when switching projects / jobs

Crypto Payroll

Pay or be paid in whatever currency/token you choose while being compliant with labor regulations

Universal Basic Income

DEOs can vote to implement UBI for its members (or not)

Borderless Work

Work multiple projects globally; receive one paycheck where you live

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