Optimize Your Taxes

One major consideration when owning your employment in the U.S. is the mandatory payment of taxes four times a year. Freelancers must remit taxes to the IRS on roughly January 15th, April 15th, June 15th, and September 15th. It’s challenging and time-consuming for freelancers to calculate and correctly estimate quarterly taxes due and remit them on time. Opolis helps independent workers navigate their tax burden. 

Opolis Solution And Its Benefits

Protect Valuable Assets

Using an entity provides a safeguard for your assets from many future unforeseen legal or financial challenges.

Save Taxes

Many legal frameworks come with specific tax advantages to optimize tax liability. Never pay more than you absolutely have to!

Maintain Maximum Flexibility

Using a business entity allows your clients to work with you as a business, not an independent contractor. They need not worry about employment compliance or your worker status. 

Automatic Tax Deductions

As an Employee Member, Opolis automatically calculates your tax withholdings (Employer and Employee portions of FICA, FUTA, SUTA, etc.) and remits these amounts to the proper jurisdictions on your behalf.

Tax Filing Made Easy

Because we’re an Employer of Record, at the end of each calendar year, you will receive a W2 as an Employee of Employment Commons LCA. You will also receive the accounting information necessary to book your entity’s payroll expenses. 

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