Create an LLC

Many freelancers are unsure of the benefits of a formal entity or why they need one. You're not alone. Opolis assists you with entity creation and professionalizing your business end-to-end. Always consult a professional (CPA or tax attorney) to ensure that you make the choice best for your personal situation.

Getting Started with Entities

Many Opolis Members already had an LLC or Corporation formed before they joined and if they didn't, we helped guide them through the process. In order to formally 'employ' yourself, however, the IRS requires you to elect an ‘S-Corp', 'C’-Corp' or other corporate designation. Unfortunately you cannot use a plain LLC to gain this benefit. 

Learn more about the differences between 'S' and 'C' Corps.

Ready To Create Your 'S' Corp?

Professionalize: Pro Tips for a Better Independent Life

As freelancers, there are benefits to professionalizing the way your business is represented, and the way you create and deliver your output. 

Protect Valuable Assets

Using an entity provides a safeguard for your assets from many future unforeseen legal or financial challenges. 

Save Taxes

Many legal frameworks come with specific tax advantages to optimize tax liability. Never pay more than you absolutely have to!

Maintain Maximum Flexibility

Using a business entity allows your clients to work with you as a business, not an independent contractor. They need not worry about employment compliance or your worker status. 

Did you know?!

68% of the U.S. workforce is disengaged in the work that they do. This means, the majority of workers are not involved in or enthusiastic about their work. Opolis ensures independent workers can keep doing what they love while maintaining the security of a W2 job!