1099 Freedom with W-2 Benefits | CoinGecko's Podcast

CoinGecko and John Paller of Opolis explore how DAOists, freelancers and solopreneurs can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of independent work with the financial security of W2 work 

Escaping the Grips of Corporate Employment | Token Metrics

John Paller, founder and executive steward of Opolis talks with Token Metrics about escaping the grips of corporate employment

How to Never Overpay Your Taxes Again | The Pathless Path Podcast

Freelancers and independent workers don't need to struggle with quarterly tax withholding. John Paller and Paul Millerd of the Pathless Path talk about how Opolis makes it easy.

Enabling the Self- Sovereign Worker | Bankless Shows

Opolis is about unlocking the freedom to work for yourself, but still keep the benefits associated with stable employment.

Democratizing Work with DAOs in Web3 | 0xPolygon

John Paller hops on the Polygon Alpha Podcast to discuss DAOs and democratizing work in Web3.


Opolis: A Public Utility for Employment 

An Employment DAO providing infrastructure, shared services, and support to solopreneurs so they can realize sustainable freedom and flexibility in their independent work.

The Block

Still working in crypto? You're one of the lucky ones. | The Block

John Paller, founder of Opolis, talked to the Block about crypto hiring and layoffs and what workers should look for in their next role, company, and industry.

John Presents at Wyoming Blockchain Stampede | Inside Bitcoins

BitAngels to Hold Wyoming Chapter for Blockchain Exposure.

Inside Bitcoins with Max Moeller

How One Denver Co-Op Is Using the Blockchain to Change How We Work

It’s the bottom of the first inning, the Rockies trail five to zero, and John Paller can’t stop talking about game theory.