For Independent Workers

A cooperative platform empowering independent workers to focus on what they do best- building their business.

Created by Independents, For Independents

Opolis is a public utility platform for employment. With Opolis, independent workers maintain freedom and flexibility,
while replicating the safety and security of a traditional W2 job.

Step 1

Set up your
business entity

Formalize your business through an S or C Corp and save on taxes.

Step 2

Run payroll
through Opolis

We serve as your entity's Employer of Record so you can pay and be paid your way.

Step 3

Access premium

Explore our benefits guide for health insurance, health savings and 401K plans.

Do What You Love

From designers to software developers to therapists, Opolis is a ‘Community of Communities’ that span countless roles and industries.
We work together to reduce costs for our collective while building our businesses.

“Greater benefits and access to payroll. These are the kinds of things you don’t necessarily get as a freelancer, owner, or contractor.”

Yev M.

"With a recent diagnosis requiring surgery, I knew with my previous coverage, finding a provider would have been a daunting task. However, with the coverage I obtained through Opolis, I was able to access the medical care I needed without the added stress of navigating a complex healthcare system."

John D.

Your Membership

From group-rated health insurance to sharing in the profits of the collective,
being an employee member has its perks.

Access Group Benefits

Opolis leverages the community size to offer premium group health insurance. Many Members save up to 20-50% on insurance premiums. Check out our health savings, 401K, unemployment and life insurance as well. Learn More...

Create an Entity

Start building your business and "employ" yourself. Protect assets, maintain flexibility, and save on taxes.

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Automate Your Payroll

We serve as your employer of record (EoR) so you receive consistent, semi-monthly paystubs, and a W2.
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Simplify Tax Remittance

Process payroll through Opolis, and Opolis will compliantly withhold and remit the right taxes at the right time.
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Earn Next-Gen Rewards

Members earn rewards and can share in profits for utilizing member services.
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Ready to Start?

Opolis can propel your business to the next level.