Become an Ambassador

Opolis is building the future of work with a foundation in ownership and self-employment. No one should feel tethered to a 'job' just for the benefits.

We also deeply believe in the power of community. We grow when our Members share their passion with others who can benefit from the Self-Sovereign movement.

Our best evangelists are people like you! You can create a secondary income stream and build a nest egg of WORK by just helping your friends have the life they want to live.

Limited Ambassadorships Open

Opolis has opened a limited cohort of opportunities to become an Opolis Ambassador!

Successful Ambassadors are social, well-organized, and self-directed in their workstyle. Previous sales experience is helpful, but definitely not required.

The primary goal of an Opolis Ambassador is to generate qualifying Membership leads by using whichever channels/mediums best suit the Ambassador's style: social media platforms, hosting/attending in-person meet-ups, conferences, DAO Communities, content creation, choose your own adventure!

Ambassadors share the Opolis value proposition within their community circles and introduce qualified prospective Members to the Opolis Membership Stewards for onboarding. 

Training, tools, and support is provided from the Opolis core team.  

Opolis Ambassadors are independent. We practice what we preach! As such, successful Ambassadors earn immediate income and WORK Rewards (community ownership!) for generating qualified leads and onboarding employee members!

Sounds Cool? What's Next?

  • Apply to become an Ambassador
  • Complete onboarding and Opolis Self-Sovereign Work training
  • Share the Opolis vision!

  • Earn short-term and long-term compensation
  • Have questions? Visit our Discord and chat with our Ambassador Stewards.