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Role: Content Writer
Summary: Creates content for websites and landing pages, social ads, and emails.
Location: US-Based Only
Hours per week expected: 10-15
Hourly Rate: TBD
Role Type: 1099 Contractor

Requirements and qualifications:

Excellent Writing Skills:

  • Exceptional grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • A knack for storytelling and engaging writing.
  • Ability to adapt writing style to different platforms and target audiences.

Content Creation Experience:

  • Proven experience in creating web content, social ads, landing page content, and email campaigns.
  • A portfolio of previous work that demonstrates your writing skills and ability to create compelling content.

SEO Knowledge:

  • Understanding of SEO principles and the ability to optimize content for search engines.
  • Knowledge of keyword research and on-page optimization techniques.
  • You will have direction from an expert in this area.

Marketing Knowledge:

  • Familiarity with digital marketing concepts and strategies.
  • Understanding of how to write content that aligns with marketing goals and objectives.

Research Skills:

  • The ability to conduct thorough research to gather information for content creation.
  • The ability to quickly generate content with AI writers, cleaning up the document(s) produced. This includes the ability to produce relevant prompts.
  • Fact-checking and the ability to cite reliable sources when necessary.


  • Creativity and the ability to come up with fresh and engaging ideas for content.
  • A creative approach to writing compelling headlines, ad copy, and email subject lines.

Time Management:

  • Effective time management skills to meet deadlines and handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Communication Skills:

  • Good communication skills to collaborate with team members and clients.
  • The ability to take feedback and make revisions to improve content.

Knowledge of Digital Platforms:

  • Familiarity with various content management systems (CMS) for web content creation.
  • Understanding of email marketing platforms and social media platforms.


  • Willingness to stay updated with industry trends and adapt to changes in content marketing and digital advertising.

Marketing Analytics (useful, not required):

  • Basic knowledge of marketing analytics tools to track the performance of content and make data-driven improvements.

Degrees and Certifications:

  • Relevant certifications, degrees(including majors and minors) relevant in content marketing, copywriting, or digital marketing or equivalent experience.