Automate Your Payroll

Many people exploring Opolis ask “Why do I need to run my payroll through Opolis? Can I skip that and just get health benefits?" Here’s why:

Group healthcare plans require a worker to be a W2 employee of a business in order to qualify for enrollment. You must be actively payrolled by this business entity to stay covered. Independent workers are not W2 employees or actively payrolled by their clients. Opolis helps independent workers solve this problem.

The Opolis Solution And Its Benefits

Create an Entity And
Receive Proof of Income

Opolis helps Members establish an entity which allows us to serve as your Employer of Record (EoR), and process your payroll. You can now receive periodic pay stubs and an annual W2 - all proof of income/employment needed to rent or purchase assets. 

Unlock Access to Affordable
Group Healthcare

As a compliant W2 employee of Opolis, you are granted access to our nationally-ranked, affordable healthcare insurance and health savings plans.

Get Paid, Your Way

Receive consistent payroll deposits on the first and third Fridays of every month. Elect your choice of US Dollars or whitelisted digital currencies (some compliance limitations apply).

This illustration demonstrates how Adam, Owner of ABC Design, gets paid with Opolis.


ABC Design completes services for Big Business Inc. per the statement of work or contract.

Client Invoice

ABC Design sends an invoice to Big Business Inc. for payment of services rendered.


Big Business Inc. deposits payment into the business bank account of ABC Design.


On the first and third Friday of each month, Adam's net pay (minus employee taxes and deductions) is deposited into his personal bank account.

Fees & Benefits

Nine (9) days prior to payday, Opolis Employment Commons debits the amount of the invoice from the business bank account of ABC Design.

Opolis Invoice

Eleven (11) days prior to payday, Opolis invoices ABC Design for the upcoming payroll cycle, including wages, employer benefits and taxes.