Membership Qualification

How does Opolis work?

We help freelancers professionalize their businesses with entity creation, personalized payroll, and compliant tax withholding. Establishing an entity allows Opolis to serve as your business’s Employer of Record and process your payroll.

Do I qualify to become an Employee Member?

  • You’ll need to be a freelancer, independent worker, gig worker, or solopreneur authorized to work in the U.S. (excludes Arizona and Michigan) or Canada (only Ontario and British Columbia provinces)
  • You must make at least the minimum earnings requirements listed for your state. Adding benefits to this amount will increase the minimum. Check out the minimum earnings for your state for 2023 here (updated March 2023)
  • You’ll need to establish either a ‘C’ Corp or an LLC designated as an ‘S’ Corp. Don’t have one? Don’t worry, we’ll help with that!

How Much Does Membership Cost?

There are no setup fees or hidden costs when it comes to becoming a Member. The only upfront cost is $20 to purchase one (1) share of the Opolis Employment Commons' common stock.  After becoming a Member the only fee is the 1% community fee on payroll & benefit consumption.