$WORK Token reward

The Opolis Employment Commons is designed for a future that is based in stakeholder capitalism. Members are aligned and incentivized toward a shared purpose; a next-generation digital employment cooperative providing payroll, benefits and shared services for the independent worker.

$WORK Rewards are a unit of account for patronage distributions for Commons Members as well as determining the voting power of Employee Members. For full details, read our Tokenomics $WORKpaper.

Welcome to the future of $WORK
$WORK Rewards Are LIVE!

Earn even more $WORK by staking your tokens!

Note: $WORK tokens will not automatically be in your wallet upon joining, however, will be sent to you a few days of your Membership activation.

If you are having trouble staking, please contact our support at [email protected].

Thank you to the over 2,300 new Members of the #WORKforce. We look forward to building the global community for independent employment together!

Ongoingly, members are able to earn $WORK Rewards once growth milestones are reached:

1. Employee Members earn $WORK Rewards by: 

  • Consuming payroll services & employment services
  • Referring new Employee Members who consume payroll services.
  • Staking (aka ‘saving’) tokens to earn more $WORK Rewards.

2. Coalition Members earn WORK Rewards by:

  • Referring new Employee Members who consume payroll services.
  • Contributing to the native technology stack.
  • Staking (aka ‘saving’) tokens to earn more $WORK Rewards.

A few other important dates and facts:

  • There is a one-time fee of $20 for each Employee or Coalition Membership.
  • Following the completion of your Membership you will receive a Welcome Email with more information on how to get involved and when you will be able to access your dashboard and $WORK.
  • $WORK Staking to earn more $WORK goes live on Monday, May 3rd at 12PM MT.