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Marriage and Family Therapists -
Welcome to Opolis!
Opolis is a 'community of communities' where solopreneurs of all types and industries have come together to support their independent worker lifestyle.

Opolis provides the employment tools, resources, and support so that you can continue doing what you do best.
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Join Opolis & Protect Your Independence

Employment.  Payroll.  Benefits.  Rewards.  Ownership. 
Exclusively for Independent Workers.
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Membership Benefits

We've changed the paradigm of work.

Instead of extracting value from workers, Opolis multiplies it on behalf of our Members.

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Automate Personalized Payroll

We're making payroll easy for independent workers. Opolis serves as your Employer of Record (EoR) so you receive consistent bi-monthly pay stubs, all related compliance services and a W2. Yes, as an independent therapist!

Access Affordable, Quality Healthcare

Opolis leverages the size of our community to offer  affordable group health insurance from Cigna. Many of our Members save 20-50% on insurance premiums as compared to the state exchanges. We provide medical, dental and vision insurance.

Tax Compliance and Optimization

As an independent worker, you no longer need to calculate your tax burden on a quarterly basis. Opolis simplifies your tax administration by automatically withholding and remitting the right amount of taxes at the right time.

Plan for the future

Just because you're a small practice therapist doesn't mean you can't plan ahead. Opolis provides HSA, FSA & retirement options to assist you plan for your financial future. For the unforseen, we also provide life insurance and LTD/STD coverage.

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