Welcome to the $WORK Rewards
How-To Guide & FAQ

Many of the common questions you may have about $WORK Rewards are answered here. If the question you have isn’t located here, please reach out at [email protected] or contact us via Discord by creating a support ticket. 

Technically speaking, what are $WORK Rewards?

$WORK Rewards are an Ethereum Mainnet ERC20 token bridged to the Polygon Network. To use your $WORK Rewards within the Employment Commons, you need to be connected to the Polygon network via your default Magic wallet in the Member Dashboard or via Metamask after using the Change Wallet feature. 

You will receive all of your $WORK Rewards from the Commons on the Polygon Network. This is to reduce the amount of gas used to transfer tokens and to provide a simpler user experience for those new to blockchain technology. 

See How do I change the wallet I use for $WORK Rewards? and the Which network are my $WORK Rewards on? questions for more information on wallets and networks related to $WORK.

What are the token contract addresses for $WORK Rewards?

What is SuperWork? 

SuperWork or WORKx is a special streaming token by SuperFluid that allows us to stream WORK to you over a given period. WORKx only exists on Polygon and should be "unwrapped" back into regular WORK before being transferred to the Ethereum mainnet or used in other applications.

How to I convert SuperWork or WORKx into regular WORK? 

You can convert WORKx into regular WORK by "unwrapping" it. You are able to unwrap your WORKx directly on the Opolis Dashboard by clicking the "Unwrap WORKx" button at the bottom of the streaming tokens card. If your WORKx tokens are being streamed to a MetaMask, you can also sign into SuperFluid using that MetaMask and unwrap tokens on SuperFluid.Finance by "withdrawing" them from the app. 

How do I see my $WORK Rewards balance(s)?

When you’re logged into the Member Dashboard, head to the Rewards & Governance section (for Coalition Members or Employee Members, depending on which type of member you are). There you will see your current $WORK balance, how many you $WORK have staked (if any), as well as a breakdown of the source of your $WORK Rewards.

How do I change the wallet I use for $WORK Rewards?

Within the Rewards & Governance section of the Member Dashboard, navigate to the Change $WORK Wallet tab on the top. Here you’ll have two options: stick with the default Magic wallet or change to a MetaMask Wallet.

Default Wallet (Magic Labs)

Using the default Magic wallet will allow the Dashboard to take care of everything for you via a process called “meta-transactions”, which means the Commons pays all transaction fees (aka ‘gas’) for you. This allows users to stake and unstake $WORK without having to worry about any cost to you. If you don’t know what any of this means or you’re new to the whole Web3 thing, then sticking with the default wallet is the definitely choice for you!

Custom Wallet

Selecting Custom Wallet will allow you to use your own existing personal wallet. MetaMask and  Ethereum hardware wallet that connects via Metamask (i.e. Ledger or Trezor) will work.

Connect your wallet to the Member Dashboard, and click Change $WORK Wallet. The new wallet will be registered to your membership instantly. Your $WORK Rewards will be automatically sent to your new address as part of updating your wallet. 

You will need to “add” $WORK as a custom token in your Metamask Polygon wallet to be able to see your $WORK Rewards balance in your Metamask wallet UI. 

To add the $WORK token to MetaMask (once you confirm you’re on the Polygon network!) scroll to the bottom of Assets and click “Add Token”. Then, under “Custom Token”, enter the Polygon contract address of the $WORK token: 

Polygon Contract Address: 0x6002410dDA2Fb88b4D0dc3c1D562F7761191eA80

I have a non-Metamask wallet I’d like to connect to the Member Dashboard. Can I do that?

Currently, only Metamask wallets (and related hardware compatible with Metamask) is supported. We plan to expand wallet capabilities later this year. 

How do I move my $WORK Rewards to a different wallet? In other words, how do I withdraw my $WORK Rewards from the Default wallet?

Changing your wallet to Metamask from the default Magic wallet (see “How do I change the wallet I use for $WORK?”) will transfer the $WORK Rewards automatically to your chosen Metamask wallet.

I’ve tried to change my wallet to Metamask from the default Magic wallet and I get an error. What is wrong?

A wallet connection error is usually due to a few issues. Try the following before reaching out to [email protected]

Please make sure to use the “Magic Link” to login to the Member Dashboard. Using the password login method will preclude you from changing your wallet. 

  1. Ensure that you are not using “Incognito” mode in your browser.
  2. Disable any “ad blockers” in your browser and restart your browser.
  3. Try a different browser.
  4. Metamask performs best using Chrome and Brave.  

Which network are my $WORK Rewards on?

$WORK Rewards are an Ethereum Mainnet ERC20 token bridged to the Polygon network

If you are using a Metamask wallet (see the change wallet section above), you will need to add the Polygon network to your wallet networks in order to see and use your $WORK Rewards balance; you can find instructions to add Polygon to MetaMask here

You will also need $MATIC to pay for transactions (just like you need ETH to pay for transactions on Mainnet Ethereum). If you choose to use the default Magic wallet, the Commons will cover your transaction fees.

The token contract address for $WORK Rewards on Polygon is:


How can I use my $WORK Rewards on Mainnet?

While all of the core functionality associated with your $WORK Rewards & the Employment Commons is on the PolygonI Network, you can use your $WORK Rewards on Mainnet if you’d like. To do so, you’ll need to bridge the tokens over to Mainnet using the PoS Bridge.

The token contract address for $WORK Rewards on Mainnet is:


Note: Bridging to Mainnet Ethereum is not possible with the default Magic wallet at this time. You will need to use a Metamask wallet to bridge your tokens to Mainnet.

How do I stake my $WORK Rewards?

Just above your $WORK Rewards balance in the Member Dashboard is an option to “Stake”. Enter the amount of $WORK you wish to stake (must be at least ONE (1) whole $WORK token) and click the “Stake” button.

If you are using the default Magic wallet that was assigned to you when you joined, the Dashboard will submit the Stake transaction for you without requiring you to “sign” a transaction or take any other step. 

If you are using a Custom wallet (Metamask), your wallet will prompt you to sign and submit the Stake transaction (it may also require a token approval transaction as well).

Once the Stake transaction has completed, you’ll see both your Staked and (if applicable) Unstaked balances update in the Dashboard.

The staking contract address is 0x8bF5aD0dBa1e29741740D96E55Bf27Aec30B18E2

How do I stake $WORK with a Metamask Wallet?

To Stake or Unstake with your Metamask wallet, you need to connect it to the Member Dashboard. Once you complete the steps listed in How do I change the wallet I use for $WORK Rewards?, you will be able to stake using your Metamask wallet. For more information see How do I stake my $WORK Rewards? 

How do I unstake my $WORK Rewards?

First, check how many $WORK Rewards you have staked by referencing your Staked Balance. Then, enter the amount of $WORK you wish to unstake.

If you are using the default Magic wallet assigned to you when joining the Commons, the Dashboard will submit the Unstake transaction for you without any need for user interaction. The staking contract requires either that you 1) unstake all of your $WORK or 2) leave at least 1 whole $WORK token staked. 

If you are using a Metamask wallet, your wallet will prompt you to sign and submit the Unstake transaction.

Once the Unstake transaction has completed, you’ll see both your Staked and Unstaked balances update in the Member Dashboard.

How do I use my vesting $WORK Rewards?

If you received $WORK Rewards as part of the Trustee Genesis Distribution, then 80% of your allocation will vest over the course of four years. Instead of a traditional vesting cliff, your $WORK Rewards will vest continuously in real time. This is uniquely possible with smart contracts, and is accomplished via token streaming and Superfluid Finance.

To use your $WORK Rewards as they vest, you will need to withdraw (or “unwrap”) them from the streaming mechanism. Soon this functionality will be available directly in your Dashboard. Until then, you can unwrap your streamed tokens via Superfluid’s app. Once unwrapped, you can use your $WORK Rewards for staking, bridging to Mainnet Ethereum or whatever else you’d like.

Note that this process ONLY applies to those receiving streamed vesting $WORK. All other $WORK are not wrapped for use in Superfluid and can be used/bridged without concern.

What else can I do with my $WORK Rewards?

If you’re an Employee Member, you’ll soon be able to use your $WORK to boost your voting power on the Employee Commons governance proposals.

Additionally, your $WORK Rewards are a unit of accounting for any potential distribution of Commons’ profits if/when the time comes that profits are distributed. 

Token Relaunch

Why is there a new version of $WORK Rewards?

Although the initial $WORK launch was designed with the utmost care for security, we experienced a significant sybil attack on the credit card processing provider on the Coalition Member signup page. 

At no point was the token infrastructure or ANY user information compromised. 

This credit card fraud allowed a few nefarious individuals to procure hundreds of Coalition Memberships and receive significantly more $WORK than any single Member should have at this point of the distribution. In order to resolve this issue and protect against future exploits, the Commons will be reissuing $WORK Rewards tokens to Members and putting in place anti-sybil protections.

Although credit card fraud was a major reason for deciding to redistribute $WORK, a few other circumstances contributed to this outcome.

  1. We’re moving the core application functionality from xDAI to Polygon! There is much more robust support for Polygon and we have cemented a partnership with the core team, which we aim to leverage in the expansion of the $WORKforce Community.
  2. A few key contributors accidentally sent substantial amounts of $WORK to mainnet contract wallets which do not support xDAI token access. As a result, those tokens were lost permanently. The possibility of this happening again is being removed.
  3. Transferring Superfluid “supertokens” on Mainnet proved to be more gas intensive than originally understood. You will no longer be required to “unwrap” your xDAI $WORK with Superfluid before bridging them to mainnet (via OmniBridge or other xDAI bridge). 

How do I get my new $WORK Rewards?

You don’t have to do anything. Your $WORK Rewards have been sent to your default Magic Wallet in the Member Dashboard.  

What’s the difference between the old and new version of $WORK Rewards?

The new version of $WORK Rewards is simpler in design. This gives Members more options for how to use their tokens. For example, the new version is easier to bridge to and use on Mainnet Ethereum.

Why do I need to restake?

Only you control when and how much of your $WORK Rewards to stake. We cannot stake your new $WORK Rewards for you. Due to the fact that we reissued your $WORK Rewards, you will need to restake. 

What happens to the old $WORK Rewards?

The old version of $WORK has been deprecated. It no longer has any utility or function. If you are using a Custom Wallet and would like to keep your accounts clean, you can “burn” the old tokens by transferring them to this xDAI address: 0xfAcBDD15824C753493d66569A90A753F83D36ddE