Episode 1: What it is really like to work at a DAO, with Spencer Graham, Web3 Solopreneur

What It’s Like to Work in Web3

In our first Unemployable episode, we explore Web3 and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) life with Spencer Graham. He’s had a successful run as a full-time  DAO member and shared his insights and lessons with us.  We explored why people are getting into Web3 and some of the challenges to be aware of.  

“There’s no ‘Here exactly are what our objectives are and where you fit into that.’

 You have to find that out for yourself.”

-Spencer Graham 

Areas With Biggest Hiring Needs in Web 3

Spencer Graham came from a product management background. Although he had a decent salary, he found Web3 and DAO projects were offering much more.  With them, he could have a community and the opportunity to keep innovating, growing, and improving.

But does this mean that Web3 and DAO opportunities are mostly tech-based? Spencer says there are actually great opportunities that have more to do with social management available in DAOs. These ‘social glue type roles’ involve bringing people who need each other’s services together within the Web3 community. 

Since Web3 is a nascent industry, professionals often struggle to find where they fit. These internal social managers help workers navigate the Web3 community so it’s easier to look for opportunities and projects. 

People who are interested in Web3 may need some kind of guide, so social managers extend a helping hand. They also take on the responsibility of building relationships with external communities to expand everyone’s opportunities.

Best Places to Look for Web3 Work

Given the gap in social management roles, one of the best places to look for Web3 work is in a DAO. 

A DAO is like a corporation that is run by its members.  DAOs are able to automate many of the structural functions of the organization and members are empowered to make improvements to the system. 

DAOs are the backbone of Web3. If you want to work in a DAO, look for one that seems interesting to you. DAOs allow member autonomy so people have more control of their work. After the experience, Spencer says he can barely remember what life was like before he joined.

Average Salary in DAOs 

It depends. Spencer tells us that sometimes you get paid per project – like a freelancer.  Depending on the agreed-upon rate, how quickly you complete a project and free yourself up for new work — all that determines how much you earn.  

However, for most people, the salaries are similar to traditional employment. Expect anything around $60,000. If you’re experienced and highly skilled and know how to negotiate higher compensation, you could earn up to $150,000 per year..

In this episode we talk about:

  • Making the transition from a corporate employee to a self-sovereign worker
  • Navigating work for multiple projects simultaneously
  • Replacing your traditional income with Web3 compensation, and
  • What it’s really like to work in DAOs full-time (the good, the challenging, and everything in between)

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